Saturday, September 07, 2013

and the winner is....

The winner of the voting for the best painting
to exhibit in the "CORRALES PLEIN AIR 2013" exhibition is

oil on hardboard framed

Thanks to everyone who voted!!
Sometimes, as an artist, I am so close to the work that 
it's really hard to make a choice, especially when choosing 
which painting to put in an exhibition.
On one painting I might like the final product, 
on another I may really like the way I laid down
a particular color - or just the way two colors look next to each other. 

Painting is Corrales for almost a week was a lot of fun.

There are a lot of painters that like to paint in groups.
Talking, chatting, sharing ideas and critiques.
I am not one of those. 
Dee definitely needs her space (I like to speak of myself in the third person).
I tend to be a loner and need focus and concentration.

This week, I wanted to pare down my gear to the bare essentials.
This is what I took with me:

a carry all that hold everything
my small pochade box (Judson Outfitters)

a box of Kleenix
a container of Wipees
a plastic trash bag
two brushes
a small jar of turp
grey palette paper cut to fit the box
paint laid out on the palette (no extra paint)

I took a chair but never used it, because...

I painted in my car!

Painting in your car is almost as hard as NOT painting in your car.

I had to drive around, pick out a scene that I could see really well - 
nothing too far away or too linear.
I moved the seat back, propped the box in front of me,
loosely sketched and blocked in the subject,
and painted as quickly as possible.
Sometimes I would look up and two hours had passed without me realizing the time.
That is the beauty of plein air.

Mixing colors is also much different on location than in the studio.
And I had to deal with bugs and flies, 
people walking up and asking if me if I needed help,
having cars go around me and drivers giving me strange looks.

But I got to explore a lot of Corrales I hadn't seen.

As a artist, I drive around and look for scenes or experiences
that I can turn into paintings.
Like the man clearing weeds by the church - 
I took a quick photo of him and will make him the subject 
in a future painting of people harvesting fields of green chile.
Or I may just turn this scene into a painting.

It's kind of a drag to go anywhere with me - I am always
using my mental "viewfinder" - what would make a good painting?
How can I change this scene around to make a better composition?
I tend not to enjoy outings so much, because I am always looking....

Artist's eyes get tired.
Trust me, it's hard living with an artist.
Heck, it's hard BEING an artist.
But I am one.
And I'm never going to change.

Oh, and there are perks.
Tonight I am going to a gala event in Corrales and I am just going to relax
and enjoy the experience, the people, and the food.
Oh wait, where's my camera?
See, here I go again.....


  1. You have a split love to paint by yourself, yet you host dinners and go to gala events. I paint alone and avoid gala wonder I have never run into you about town. I voted for the house but this painting is wonderful too. The fact that you paint so quickly is such an asset in creating an outcome that is fun and colorful. You go girl.

  2. I know, I'm like one of those comedians you hear about - really funny onstage, and a real quiet loner in person, lol.

  3. You both fascinate me. Dee and Carol.
    I am happiest behind the easel but enjoy company with friends. Not too comfortable with big galas.
    Dee your painting of the truck is fabulous!
    I also sit and paint in the car if I cannot find a shady spot to paint. Just makes sense. After all the idea of plein air is to learn to see the real coloration of how the light and shade on subject.

  4. I have mixed feelings about painting in the car. Everything is close, but there's no room for your arm to move!