Monday, November 03, 2014


I found this cool sign on sale yesterday and had to have it.
I don't know why it spoke to me.

I guess making up my mind to be joyful for each day 
starts first thing in the morning.

It has a stand like an easel so I can see it before I start working.

On another note - my computer is not working right.
I can't access my pictures (except for new ones), I can't edit anything,
and I have lost a lot of programs. 
Plus I think I have a virus.
I will be calling my computer guy today for sure.

These are some new 6x6" paintings that I completed this week.
I love painting on Ray Mar panels, they have such a pretty tooth.

Of course I can't edit them at all right now, so you see my background "noise."
These paintings will be available framed.



It is beautiful fall weather here and I am itching to take a day trip.
I would love to take a trip this weekend to Abiquiu or Chimayo.
The colors are turning on the river here, so I'm sure they
are just gorgeous at the Rio Chama.


  1. I love the always! Joy and happiness are key. You might want to participate, starting this morning, in a three week meditation series on happiness with Deepok Chopra and Oprah.

  2. I love the "Joy" sign. I can see why you had to have it. Not being a morning person I guess I need a reminder like that as well.

  3. Thought that was from the Bible so I looked it up, Psalm 30:5!