Sunday, January 18, 2015

15-5 "THE GARDEN PORTAL" and a new facebook group!

oil on panel

This is the first of my paintings for our new facebook group called,

I started this group as a blog a couple of years ago, and wow,
I think we all turned out some exeptional artwork.

I put the blog away for a while because I got so busy,
but I have brought it back as a free facebook group page, so
artists can join up and then they can post their own creations.
Much easier for me.

The object is this:
I post an image of New Mexico every Wednesday, and artists-
professionals to beginner or anywhere in between,
create their version of the image and then post it
to facebook for all to see.

No obligation and no judgement.

Try another painting today because
working under lights at night in the studio
hurts your eyes and changes your color perception.
I like this version but the original
flowers in the photo are more red and brilliant than in this painting.

If you want to buy this painting, please CLICK HERE
or go to


Lavon said...

Dee, this is fab! I am contemplating what I shall do with the image.

Dee Sanchez said...

Lavon, thanks be as creative as you like!