Monday, January 05, 2015

#15-1 "WILDFLOWERS AND PURPLE" a new beginning!

oil on hardboard

Well, it took me long enough, but here it is - the first painting of 2015.

I spent yesterday getting my studio semi-organized and today when I started squeezing paints out the the tube - oh my gosh. How I have missed the smell of oils. And Gamsol! 

Oil painting has such a different vibe than acrylics. So much oomph. So much luminosity.

I decided to start off with a wildflower meadow because that subject is my favorite to paint. There is so much freedom in painting wild, chaotic masses of flowers.

I have so many exciting things I want to do this year. I'm in the process of making a bucket list for 2015 and I know I'm going to go overboard. But hey, if you don't dream big - why dream?



  1. OK: waiting for your goals! You are way ahead of me as I am still getting the house and studio back in order after holiday company. When you get the goals for 2015 posted, that will help me as I am still saying I don't know what 2015 has in mind for me. Tweak the "forward" button without pressure.

    This is just one more lovely painting, perfect for winter when there is so little green.

  2. It may take a week or so for me to filter and organize my goals! So many, so little time, so much need to stay sane!