Wednesday, March 18, 2015


oil on panel

I LOVE palette knife paintings. 
I mean, REALLY love them.
When I'm perusing an art magazine, 
I can spot the knife paintings straight away.

So, I thought this would be so easy - 
my first palette knife panting. 
It was not.

I didn't know how to start.
I didn't mix enough paint and would have
to keep remixing. 
I was working on a 6x6" panel 
and felt like I needed something MUCH bigger!

I put paint where it didn't go.
I kept forgetting to lay down one color,
then wipe the knife and lay down the next one,
so the colors kept blending
 and I would have to wipe everything
 off and start again. 

I want this to be my lifelong passion, 
so I realize that I need to 
practice, practice, practice.
My goal is to be a really good plein air palette knife painter.

I do realize that if I do really large paintings, 
I will need trowels!

Wish me luck! 
And if there are any knife painters out there, send me your tips.


  1. I have taken a palette knife workshop and there is a lot to know and obviously you have learned a lot already.
    1. Mix all your colors in advance, a lot of each.
    2. Have three knives: small, medium and large.
    3. If you change a color somewhere, scrape and layer the top like icing a cake.

    My personal opinion is that it is possible to use too much paint.

    You are so good with color strength, this will be hoots of fun for you!

  2. It looks really difficult. You may already be familiar with Carol Swinney's work. I listened to an interview with her on the Savvy Painter podcast last December. She has some tips on her website on palette knife painting. Check out Good luck!

  3. I don'tknow guys - I miss my brushstrokes. <aybe I'll use a combination of both, who knows? Thanks for the tips!!