Wednesday, March 18, 2015


oil on canvas

It's evening and we have a few rain 
sprinkles happening right now.
It's so nice because it's not really cold.
Just soft and enjoyable.

I am making nachos for dinner (right now!).
Here is the easy recipe:
Saute organic chicken breast. Chop.
Warm organic black beans
Heat sesame blue chips

Put a layer of chips on an individual plate.
Add chicken, then black beans. 
Add onion, and as much 
nacho sauce as you want.
Add chopped lettuce, tomato,and avocado.

The above painting makes me excited for
spring - and the official beginning of
spring is in just a few days.

Can't wait.

I will spend the next few days painting, 
shredding papers, 
and working on taxes.
Lucky me.
On the painting, anyway.... 
Not so much on the taxes. 

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