Saturday, August 22, 2015


 I took a little trip to Corrales today to scout out painting sites.
I came across some beautiful subjects that I wanted to share with you.

 Beautiful sunflowers!
With an equally beautiful grey/blue background.
This will make a beautiful painting.

 This is the old Corrales church.
I posted a pic of it getting "remudded" a few weeks ago. Scaffolding everywhere.
When they removed the top layer of plaster,
they realized it had more damage than originally thought. The adobe was quite worn away in places.
They finished it though, and it looks fantastic.
Much softer and a little lighter than the old version.

 I got on a kick of finding "hidden " things.
The first is a very cool old truck.
I wish he was out in the open.

 A sunflower with a bumble bee hiding.
Well, maybe not hiding so much.
He was bending the stem over.

 A hidden gate.
I wish this was at my house.
I love it!

 A beautiful butterfly bush.
I saw butterflies hovering, 
but they were hiding in my photo.

 A cute little stuffed cow on  a mailbox.
The cow is not hidden, but the mail is.

 There is nothing hidden here that I can see.
But I think about the history of this house - 
who lived here? Why is it empty?
I'd like to know.
And look how blue the Sandias look!

 The mercado full of flowers and red chile ristras.
Beautiful things are hidden inside those walls!

 The acequia is almost hidden by the sunflowers!
Native sunflowers are rampant in New Mexico now.
Especially in Corrales.

And last, but not least:

This exhibit will be a beautiful showing of 160 plein air paintings by forty artists
who are painting Corrales this week.
Come and see them!

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  1. Another excellent blog. You are an amazing artist and I want the world to know that just about everything you paint sells almost immediately. They should BUY NOW.