Sunday, September 27, 2015


oil on gallery wrap canvas

I am busy painting so much now.
I don't even notice much of what goes on around me
and when I do - it's only for a second.
My life revolves around the paints, the canvas, the brushes, the colors.

It's lonely and wonderful at the same time.
And blogging is so irregular!
To see all of the completed paintings so far, click HERE.

 I can always tell when fall is near because the sun
becomes much softer, more hazy, and it seems to have moved.
I love sitting outside in the swing now.
The air is a little cooler makes me more restful.

I love this photograph!
It's the tree in our back courtyard.
It's always the first one to get a few yellow leaves.
Just one or two, here or there.

Can you see the spider's web attached to the leaf on the left?

 Okay, this has me stumped.
I have never seen a butterly that looks just like a leaf before!
Is is a mechanism to protect him (or her) from predators?
He really liked this almost-empty hummingbird feeder.

 A view of my studio door in the changing autumn light.
Those rose bushes really need a haircut!

 Balloons are almost here!
Next weekend!
I am excited more than ever this year.
I don't know why - maybe it's because my granddaughter Sawyer
is old enough to see them and remember.

 Some special shapes....

 The Flying Pig and The Clock

 The Creamland Cow and The Old Woman in a Shoe

And Elvis, of course!

Have a great day and I will be painting!

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