Saturday, November 21, 2015

Autumn Wrap Up

What I've Been Up To

Hi all - 
I haven't been able to blog regularly
 for a few weeks and it's killing me!

Lots of things have happened:

I went to Old Town to see my friend and gallery owner 
Jillian Maresco last week.
She is curating an exhibition opening Friday, December 4th
for a group I started called, "Let's Paint New Mexico!"

I love going to Old Town.
They haven't lit the big Christmas tree yet but 
it's still so beautiful down there.

I went on a cold morning and captured a few scenes:

 Artist setting up her jewelry display

 Patio flowers still in bloom!

Jillian's postcard for the show.
25 artists exhibiting three paintings each 
of Challenge images I have posted of New Mexico.
It should be a fun show!
And a lot of very affordable paintings.

 One of the patio courtyards in Old Town.

This was at a different location.
I had stopped on 4th street at the Little Anita's drive-thru
to get a breakfast burrito.
I pulled away and parked in the lot, turned around, and this was the scene.
Beauty is everywhere!
I ate my burrito while enjoying the acequia.

 Winter is on its way.
These leaves are right outside the door of my studio.
I love the contrast of the orange with the
blue-grey of the concrete. 
I don't paint leaves but someone should paint this!

 Another cool view of leaves.
The red are little berries from a thorny tree,
The bean pods are my husband's least favorite thing
to rake up before winter comes.
I love the little blade of grass poking up through the 
crack between the concrete slabs.
Nature wins every time!

My show at Sumner and Dene Gallery runs through November 28.
If you haven't seen it yet, please consider taking a trip to the gallery.
Several of the paintings are sold - I will post an update soon.

Much thanks to Roy and his crew for all of their help
and support. Such a great gallery and great people!

 On another note - it's almost Thanksgiving!
Then Christmas - my favorite time of year.

I was driving yesterday and noticed that my friend Loretta
was out putting up signs for her Christmas tree lot.
I have gotten my tree there for the last 14 - 15 years.

It's a ritual that we do a little haggling.
One year I traded a nice big bean pot for a discount on a beautiful tree.

 I am looking forward to sharing Christmas with my two year old 
granddaughter this year.
She is getting old enough to participate in some of the activities, 
so it will be fun!

Biscochitos anyone?

In Other News:

I decided to cancel my "SOUP AND SANTA" event.
After painting for shows and commissions, I am just beat.

So, if you sent a check, I will be returning it.
I may have something in January - 
definitely a small studio sale for old and unframed work.
Thanks to everyone who signed up.


I have also started a new facebook group called,

This is a group for any artist, professional or emerging,
who wants to paint and post small paintings.
Nothing over 8x10" - plein air or studio
If you are interested, go to facebook and type
NM Artists Paint Small into the search box.
Then all you have to do is ask to join.
Invite your fellow artists too!


Upcoming Plans:

I will have a solo show at Sumner and Dene in September of 2016.
Hmmm - 150 Challenge?

I want to do a lot of plein air painting.
I would love a few women artists who like to get together
and go on day trips to paint the landscape.
Or even friends who aren't painters, but love New Mexico scenery.

I have a big wedding to attend in July of 2016!
I have to get ready for knee replacement surgery next October.
Then another one in January 0f 2017.

I would love to do some collaborations with other artists.
Life is full of expectations and good things right now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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  1. Such a warm and cozy post. Love it! I'm so tempted to book a flight and come Plein air paint with you! Can't believe I lived there for 9 years and never Plein air painted! It's because my husband was dragging me to play golf every non-working minute. So I didn't get much painting time in while out there. We did go to lots of art galleries so I at least saw lots of wonderful art while there. It's Plein air season in south Florida now and we are loving the gorgeous weather except last Thursday when we were rained out. Hope you selll lots of paintings during your show. You worked so hard for it. Wish I'd gotten in there and painted when you reopened the Lets Paint NM blog again. That show sounds fun. Maybe I will carve out some time for your new paint small challenge and pull out some of my millions of photos I took while living out there. ☺️

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy that baby granddaughter. I have a new grandson on the way coming in April. So exciting. Grand babies are the best!