Monday, January 04, 2016


oil on panel

My first painting of the new year!
Actually my first painting in about two months.

This is a pot of geraniums showcasing a Taos
window filled with beautiful treasures.
The contrast of the blue and orange/reds were what
originally caught my eye and I am happy with the result.

I took a much needed break and enjoyed the holidays
and activities with my family. It was wonderful.
Sometimes, after working super hard, I really
have to take a time of decompression and star-gazing to 
find out where I want to go next in my life and my career.

I've been slowly getting the studio organized
 over the past couple of weeks.  
Paints are in order, panels are ready to go.

When I first started this painting,
I sketched hesitantly.
It had been two months, after all.
But when I put that first buttery dollop on the surface,
I knew I was back home.
Painting is what I was born to do.
It all came back and I am excited about 2016.

I do have a couple of commissions to complete
and will get started on those this week.
Other than that, I am concentrating on my health.

I have a very important wedding to attend this summer. 
 I have scheduled my first knee replacement surgery in August
and the second knee will follow about three months later.
It's time, the pain is getting too strong and it's
really limiting my ability to do the things I want to do.

So, I hope you enjoy my first painting of 2016. 
I'm going to aim for five per week, but
don't hold me to that.
I'm winging it this year....


  1. It was so wonderful to get another blog from you. You always make them interesting as you include personal information along with your beautiful art. Your colors remain sumptuous as always. Your first painting of 2016 characterizes who you are. Happy painting and healing in 2016.

  2. Carol, thanks for the supportive words - I hope we have a wonderful and artful 2016!