Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spring Connections

ready for spring...

It is about 6pm on Tuesday evening and I am sitting in my studio.
I have a decent heating system, but it has just been
downright cold lately.

 I dislike winter. 
I know if we didn't have it, if I didn't dislike it and want it to be over, 
then spring wouldn't seem so darn fantastic and magical.
So full of life, energy, and new beginnings.
Come on SPRING!

I am ready for new buds on little fruit trees.
Forsythia branches full of bright yellow flowers.
Tulip bulbs popping up out of the ground.
Those first bright green blades of grass.
A spring full of day trips and painting...

This has been a hard beginning of the year for me.

I am a little unfocused.
I see no clear path in my artwork right now.

I have been painting some but I want that fire - that relentless
energy that speaks to me and says "You HAVE to paint!"

I am always this way when I don't have clear deadlines
and lots of stressful goals that make me go out of my comfort zone.
I guess I am just a glutton for punishment. Sigh.

I am working on getting healthy so I can have knee surgery.
That is my primary goal this year. Another sigh.
Intermittent fasting, biking, swimming, Curves, and stretching.
That's supposed to be my life for the next year.

BUT - I need an art goal.
Some sort of challenge or adventure.
I am thinking....

I also want to start a women's art group in Albuquerque.
I have tried to do some online things, 
but they turn out to be not so satisfying for me.
Maybe it's the online/distance thing.

What I would really like is a small, fun group of women
artists to hang out with periodically.
To eat good food, discuss art, show our art (not as in critique,
but as in just putting it out there for the group to see),
talk about marketing ideas, help kids learn about art,
have cool exhibitions concerning things like
the environment, the NM landscape,
social issues, etc.
An easy place to fall where art is concerned.
No pressure, no stress.
I think that if I think about it in my head long enough,
it will happen.

I am basically a loner,
a solitary painter who is in love with her livelihood.
But I need connection too.
Don't we all?

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