Tuesday, April 19, 2016

#140 "A BIT OF BLUE"

oil on cradled board

The Rio Grande Gorge near Taos in the fall.
This is an unusual color scheme for me.
I had trouble getting an accurate photograph
on the color - I must have shot it twenty times.

The background mountains were in the shadows a bit,
The blue of the gorge was a gorgeous blue.
And the landscape was passed in a blur
while we were driving, so the chamisa and sage
all looked like one solid color.
I had to use some imagination.

I can pass by this beautiful landmark
a thousand times and it never looks the same. 

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  1. Hi Dee,

    I love your work! The joy that you have for creating brings shows through and an inspiration to me. It is so enjoyable to go through viewing and reading your blogs. Thank you! Best wishes with the 150 challenge. Elizabeth

  2. Hi here it goes again, the first post just disappeared. Hope you don't get it twice. I love your work and just wanted to let you that it is an inspiration to me. The joy that you have for creating can be seen in your paintings and writings. Thank you. Best wishes with your 150 challenge. Elizabeth

  3. Elizabeth,
    Thank you! I must say, I've admired your work for quite some time!
    The 150 Challenge is always fun but it IS a challenge, for sure, lol.
    I hope I make it to the end.
    It's always nice to receive comments, especially from artist friends.
    Give us motivation to keep going....thanks!