Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year...New Projects

New Year...New Projects

As I look back on 2016,
it was a pretty good year for me.
I participated in a few plein air events.
I even won an award, where Albert Handell
was the judge, mind you.

I created my 150 Challenge online and sold so many of them.
Thank you, collectors!
I still have a few paintings to go. 
I don't know why I haven't felt an overwhelming need to
complete the last 50.
But they are here, just waiting to be finished.

I had a fantastic art party at my home this past year- 
complete with music, great Mexican food, 
lots of people, and a Studio Sale.
I got to see old friends and collectors
and meet a lot of new and interesting people.
I want to do that again!

I took lots of day trips this year:
Jemez, Abiquiu, Chimayo, Taos, Truchas,
the Monastery, Ghost Ranch,
Penasco, Ojo Sarco, Algodones, etc.

The cool thing about day trips is no matter
when you go, what time of season, 
 even what time of day, the scene always looks different.
The light looks different.
You see things you wouldn't see just sitting at home.
Like three dogs romping through a tall field of purple wildflowers.

This year brings new opportunities and new challenges.

What do I want to do this year?
This is my list so far:

Go and paint lots of new places
Finish my 150 Challenge
Paint some daily old-school acrylic lined work - 
(yes, lined work is coming back, more on that later)
Paint some daily figures and nudes
Paint at the Blumenshein Museum in Taos
Spend 3-5 days in Taos plein air painting
Paint ornaments and offer them for sale
Do an art collaboration with some of my artist friends
Paint some animals
Offer a workshop or two
Enter a show or two
Work on building my social media presence
Finish up my paintings for family

All of this will probably take up the whole year.

I'm sure new things will come and some
things on this list will fall away.
That's how it is being an artist.
The cool thing is that I make my own schedule.
I choose when I work, how long I work, 
which is cool, but it's also solely up to me to 
get things done and make things happen.

is starting up again on January 2,
Look for our facebook group page and blog (same name for both) 
and watch over 50 artists create an image
every two weeks from a photo of somewhere
or something in New Mexico.

Can you spot mine?

It's kind of a cold and dreary day today.
I'm putting on a pot of beans for enchiladas tonight
and will toast in the new year with 
sparkling cider, or maybe even Sprite.
I will watch the ball drop at midnight
and hope 2017 is better than 2016.

As long as my family is healthy, 
we have a roof over our heads, 
food to eat, clean water to drink,
and love to share,
and I can paint,
it's going to be a great year.

Love to all of my family, friends, and collectors.
 I couldn't do what I do without 
your encouragement, comments, and support.

Love and hugs to all.
2017 - BRING IT ON!!

Happy New Year

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