Saturday, December 17, 2016



Well, here we are, almost at the end of 2016.
This year has really flown by.

As humans, I think we all start to think about the NEW year right about now.

What will we do?
What will we accomplish?
What do we want to put on our schedule?

As an artist, I have to think WAY ahead.

Do I want to do any shows?
Search for a new gallery?
Enter any contests?
Do any plein air paint outs?
Have any studio events?

Here are my plans so far:

1. GET IN SHAPE (so I can have knee surgery)
I feel like this goes on my list EVERY year and never gets done.

2. More plein air painting!
Places like these:

There is nothing better than plein air painting for me.
Getting out in nature and experiencing the elements.
It's so much harder than studio painting, but worth it.
I respect those paintings a lot more than my studio paintings,
just because of the amount of work involved.

Maybe I can make it out to a couple of places this winter.


I want to have a lot more of these - 
Art Parties, Open Studios, Collaborative Events,
Special Sales, Workshops, and my newest venture, 
I want to invite people to my studio and we will
all come away with a small painting and have appetizers
and cookies.

I love a sense of connection.
As artists, we are loners in our studio.
And it does get lonely.
So I am constantly thinking up ways to get that
social network that I need and crave.

And what better way than to have fun events with food and music?
Stay tuned for that.....

Yes, our online painting group is back and will
begin on Monday, January 2, 2017.
For those of you who are not familiar,
LPNM is an online group of over 50 artists from all over the globe
who paint from a photo image of New Mexico every two weeks
and share their finished creations on our facebook group page 
and our blog.
Excited to see what everyone does this year!


I want to have some kind of show in 2017.
What kind? I don't know yet.
Any suggestions?
One possibility: an outdoor one day collaborative event
with artist friends I know.
We'll see!

So there you have it for 2017.

Now for Christmas:
 I am going to enjoy Christmas.
I have not started Christmas shopping yet,
but am not going to stress about it!

I want a Canon Powershot sx720 in my stocking.
It's not as nice as my G15, but it has a long zoom and includes wifi.

We will have luminarias out.

Christmas Eve Dinner:
Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, salad, tamales,
red chile, rolls, fruit salad, fudge, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
And friends and family.

That's all you need, right there.


Oh, and I have three new 150 Challenge paintings!
To see them and the rest of the available paintings,

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