Tuesday, February 21, 2017

perils and paintings

The Perils of Painting a Truck

Man, I had a heck of a time with this truck painting.
This is a photo of an old truck from Corrales.

I hate lines. And perspective. And composition!
I don't like to grid anything.
I hardly like to sketch anything.

But when I'm faced with a building or a vehicle,
I freak out.

And I don't want to figure out all of those little
details that make a painting spectacular.
I just want to record my feelings and memories about 
my subject immediately using the biggest brushes I can.

I will probably paint this old truck a few more times
this week. 
I know I can do better.

It does look kind of chunky and whimsical...

Here is the original image:

So now you see what I mean!

After I finished painting the truck, I was determined to create 
something using the last of my paints before squeezing
out a new batch.

Since it's almost spring, here is "FONTINA", 10x8" oil:

To view these paintings and all of my 150 CHALLENGE
paintings, CLICK HERE.

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