Tuesday, November 28, 2017

ups ans downs and moving on...

ups and downs and moving on


This is THAT time of year for an artist.

A time to look back at the work we've accomplished,
the work we didn't get to,
the things that didn't work no matter how hard we tried,
and the dreams in our head, still unrealized. 

For instance, I love this plein air painting I took away
from a beautiful weekend in Arroyo Seco.

I am NOT, however, crazy about this painting
I tried to paint through the window of the
house where we were staying.

There were definitely some ups and downs this year:

A great "UP" was painting for a month with other plein air painters
in Corrales last May, then having a group show
at the new and beautiful Corrales Fine Arts gallery.
The joy of working with other artists and 
completing a goal (without drama) is just 
an amazingly good time.
And being offered a permanent spot in the gallery after the show.
Barb Clark and Susana Erling are two terrific gallery owners
and fantastic artists in their own right, 
and I couldn't be more happy to be there.

These paintings all sold during the show.

Another "UP" was my annual ART and GARDEN PARTY, held in September.
75 guests were treated to free homemade and catered
Mexican food and great music by Favorite local band, Mezcla Latina.
I also had a STUDIO SALE during this time and sold a lot of paintings.

A "DOWN" was pulling my work out of one gallery in Old Town
and out of another one in Santa Fe.
Hard, but sometimes necessary....

A big "UP" is there are a lot of local shows to enter this coming year,
and a lot of places in the USA offering plein air events.
 So many possibillities!

Another "UP" is I now have postcards of my work.
I'm so excited because I get to see these postcards and 
think about the time I made these paintings.
The postcards are $6 each and are available on my website.

I am also having a STUDIO SALE right now because I
want to start totally fresh for the new year.
If you're interested in seeing these great sale prices, 
also on my website.

The new ideas for artwork are rolling around and it will be
interesting to see which ones stick and which ones fall by the wayside.

I hope you will follow along as I begin my journey
to 2018.
I can't wait.

To see postcards and sale paintings, CLICK HERE.

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