Monday, February 12, 2018

when one door closes.....


Sometimes a door closes and you are a little sad.
For a minute.
Then you have to look at it as a good thing.
What's behind Door #2 is probably way better than Door#1.
Or maybe you will wait until Door #3 comes along!

This beautiful and fun show happened because I
was at loose ends and decided to do something I'd never done before.
Not artistically anyway.
Create a Challenge - paint 150 paintings in 150 days for $150 each.
I invited my favorite band, all
of my friends, family, and my collectors.
We sold over half of the paintings on opening night.
And most of the rest during the month after opening.

The show was so successful that I did it three more times 
(about two years apart, because it is ROUGH creating
all of those paintings).
At galleries, and once on my own, online.

As you can see, it is a lot of fun on opening night.

So, anyway, back to doors.....

I am planning a brand new adventure!

Guys, this is BIG for me!
A brand new big studio with space for workshops, classes,
art retreats, women's retreats, workshops by other artists,
gallery space, and much more.

We are just in the planning stages now.
I am hoping to have it ready by fall for my annual ART PARTY,
so stay tuned. I am SO excited!!!

Doors truly do open if you are ready for the adventure.

 In other news - 

We have started our "LET'S PAINT STILL LIFE" facebook group.
The first Challenge was a doozy, so hard.

 Challenge Image

My rendition - "THE BLUE BOWL"
I like it, but man, it was hard to get to this spot.

Here is Challenge Image 2:

I love seeing what other artists come up with using the 
images as their muse.

Oh, and I will be writing my personal blog 
post here every Friday starting this Friday.
I am working on a catchy title.

Okay, that's all I have for now.
Lots of painting and ideas to come.

And remember, keep those doors open.
Because you never know what great things are behind them....

Windows are good too!


  1. Hi, this is me, I'm just checking my comments to see if they work.

  2. Wonderful post and exciting news about the new studio, Can't wait to see it when I'm home.