Sunday, April 08, 2018

whirlwind trip

My Bro

My brother Pete came for a visit!
Pete hasn't been here for about two years and 
I really miss him. All the time.

He's my only sibling (and younger).
I pretty much tortured him when we
were growing up.
But, times have changed and I hope
we are the best of friends now.

I asked him what he wanted to eat while he was here.
He said, "El Pinto, then some more El Pinto, and
finally, maybe let's try some El Pinto.!"
Well, we did eat at El Pinto and a lot of other good places too.

I also asked him what he wanted to do
while he was here. He listed off a few things, 
like go to Old Town and get some NM T-shirts,
meet up with some of his old buddies, etc.

But he said, what he really would like to do it
The one who tortured him.
Being stuck in a car with me ALL day.
He even said he would drive!
Now, I really am not used to being a passenger
but I agreed and around 9am on a Wednesday morning,
we set off.

The pics are in no particular order:

 Headed out

Headed towards Chimayo
Pete had never been there.

 The trees were mostly still this beautiful grey.
I can see a bit of purple in there too.

 Look at these beautiful colors.
I can see some spring green cropping up in the trees.

 Beautiful gate at Chimayo

 Well, the trees are blossoming at Santuario de Chimayo!

 My favorite shop.
Great place to buy crosses and bolito beans.

 Driving through main street at Chimayo

 Headed towards Truchas

 The beautiful village of Truchas

 Even though this is not that green, 
it would make a beautiful painting.

 Old grey adobe house

 Another old grey adobe house

 Truchas Peaks

 The old adobe houses were speaking to me on this trip!

 Winter colors are still spectacular

 This would make a great 12x24" painting!

 More beautiful colors in the landscape

 Then there's the homeowner with a beautiful old car and A LOT of junk.

 Another 12x24" painting
I don't know what these trees are, they're golden.

 Could be Truchas, Las Trampas, or Ojo Sarco

I took my brother to one of my favorite 
places to eat in Penasco, The Sugar Nymph Bistro.

 We had to get the famous green chile cheeseburgers.
Pete got his with salad.

 I got mine with a mushroom rice soup.

 On towards Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch.
Did I mention that this was a marathon trip?

 The old Gas Pump place near Pilar

 The beautiful river that runs along the road to Taos

 Blossoms in the background

I see so many colors in this landscape!

 Looking more like Ghost Ranch.

 Pete wanted to know why there are so many different colored layers.
I told him I didn't know.
He says don't tell him. 
We will take a tour next time and find out.

 Beautiful formations

 These are called Elephant something, I think.
If anyone knows the names of these formations,
please let me know.

 Ahhh, there's my Ghost Ranch.

 Still not very green.

 Abiquiu Lake

And we are done.
Do you see the horses in the background? 
Not a huge hunk of spring color, but very, very beautiful.

My brother is gone now and I miss him already.
Come back soon Pete!!

I'm going to TRY to start blogging in a more timely fashion.
I have a lot of cool things coming up,
so stay tuned....
Enjoy the nice windy day today!!

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