Wednesday, June 20, 2018

a wonderful journey

Oh my goodness.
I just spent four blissful days in Taos, New Mexico.

I went with my two artist friends, Barb Clark and Susana Erling.
We went to paint, eat, relax, sleep, and paint some more.

I made seven paintings, not as many as I wanted, but I
took over 400 reference photos that will be fantastic
subject matter for my 100 painting series, "FOR A SONG."

I will say that when we got to Taos, it was raining.
And cloudy. And beautiful.
 I'm showing the images extra large to give you the full effect:

 Beautiful New Mexico


 Looking into Valdez and Taos Ski Valley

 El Salto Peak

 The mama was telling me not to come any closer

 Grazing Horse

 Blemenshein Museum flowers

 The museum

 Cloudy Peaks
 Old Church in Arroyo Seco

My favorite old truck

Shades of blue

 Susana and her beautiful self

 El Salto with clouds and shadows

My first painting

 The moon that night

 Our scene all evening

 One of my cloud paintings
 Susana and Barb

 Early Chamisa

 Mac carrying my paints

 A scene of El Salto in a beautiful setting

 My start - not done yet

 A scene from my relatives' house

 Michelle Chrisman painting with us

 Barb and her beautiful painting

 I found a rainbow!

 Last Light

 That rainbow is everywhere I go.


 Sunset around the apple tree

 I love the light on this image!

Sunset on the valley

 Morning on the mountain

 Up a little road

 My favorite little stream

 I painted it!



 Red-winged black bird in an Arryo Seco marsh

 My husband's street name

 Barb painting Valdez

 Sunset that same evening

 All of those light green trees will be golden in October

 PLEASE tell me what these flowers are!

 An old morada in Valdez

 It looks like "Bernado Salazar."
Born 1855

 My next car

 From Taos you can see Pedernal in Abiquiu!

 Pink Hollyhocks


Stream in Arroyo Hondo

 Hollyhocks in Seco

 Hollyhocks and truck


Susana painting and Mac playing.

I have enough reference material for a year of studio painting.
But i already want to go back to Taos.
In October!!

More to come.....


  1. The plant looks like Crown Vetch-----a viney(is this a word?) ground cover. I know crown vetch because a variety of it ('Penns Gift') was developed at Penn State University where my husband taught when right out of graduate school.

    Those hollyhocks are just gorgeous and so are all the other pictures. Grey, cloudy days are underrated and come as a relief amongst all the sunny summer days.

  2. Wonderful photos - and the whole post is very inspirational. Thanks for sharing it with us.