Friday, July 05, 2019


Hi all,

Here is my newest work.

I know it's been a while since I posted,
but Life just keeps getting in the way.

I just got back from a three day trip to Taos and I
came back so inspired.
It's very green there, not as pretty as fall in Taos,
but beautiful in its own way.

9x12" oil

This painting is from the river flowing alongside the highway.
So high and really rushing!
The rafters were having a tough time.
But the colors were amazing.

6x12"  oil

I had to park up on the really high ridge after 
Horseshoe Curve to get this shot.
You can see the beginnings of the gorge....

So, I'm working backwards here.
Before I went to Taos, I painted all of May and part of June for
The Albuquerque Garden Tour and The Corrales Garden Tour. 

These are the paintings I completed in May and June:

Location: Milagro Vineyards

Location: Milagro Vineyards

Location: Private Garden

Location: Casa Perea

Location: Private Garden

Location: Jemez
 This painting won the SOAK IN THE COLOR award at PAPNM's Jemez show

 Location: Jemez River

 Location: Private Garden

 Location: Private Garden

 Location: Private Garden

 Location: Private Garden

 Demo for DARE TO PLEIN AIR Workshop

Commission - SOLD

Location: Private Garden

Location: Milagro Vineyards

Location Milagro Vineyards

Location: Jemez River

Location: Private Garden

Location: Casa Perea

Location Corrales private Garden

Location: Arroyo Seco Church

Location: Private home

Location: Taos Main Street

Wow, I didn't know I had been so busy!

I'm looking forward to painting in some of my favorite places this
summer and fall:
Jemez, Galisteo, Abiquiu, Ghost Ranch, Chimayo, Truchas, 
Los Poblanos, and Corrales.
I also want to do some urban painting, maybe around downtown Albuquerque.
Have to keep it fresh!

Now, I am undecided as to what project I want to do next.

I am thinking about if I swant to have my annual Art Party September 1st OR
instead maybe have a two-day weekend OPEN STUDIO SHOW in October.

What do you think?

Oh, I almost forgot!
I also experimented with gouache and ink:


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  1. Inspiring post - your paintings are wonderful.