Monday, September 08, 2008


I shot this with my digital because it's too large for my scanner, so the quality is not perfect. I just wanted to give you an view of what I've been working on. The famous Frontier Restaurant, the open-all-night hang out for all of the Uiversity of New Mexico kids, as well as all of the rest of us. The best breakfast burritos and cinnamon rolls - to die for. The restaurant is owned by art patrons, so art is ALL over the walls. It's great.
I'm starting Artfest painting today!! My subjects include sunflowers, landscapes, churches, dancers, flowers, quaint little villages, canyon women, and much much more. I'm also hoping to get some ornaments painted, even though they are more work than paintings! I will keep you updated on progress, plus throw in some daily paintings when I can. Keep watching...


Cara Dawn Romero said...

Dee the lighting in this painting is perfect. Just as I remember it. I'll keep watching for sure -

Marilyn said...

Dee, loved the Frontier picture. Also your pics of Chimayo and the sanctuary and Santa Rosa Lake. I'll send mine soon. What a great day we had! And thanks for the delicious dinner.

More later, Marilyn