Saturday, May 16, 2009

Good morning everyone!
I have 37 paintings left! Wow, I can't believe I have painted 113 paintings since January 9th.
I am lacking 3 canvases to finish the last 37, I will get those next week. I sat down this morning and stuck an image or a post-it on each canvas, so I know what the final subjects will be. I had to leave out several things that I wanted to paint - it was hard pairing it down to the final pieces.
My postcard should be here Monday, I will rush it to the printer and then mail it out next week. That's 500 handwritten invitations to my show. Plus there are a couple of press releases to send out, and then I have to decide what kind of goodies I want to have at the show.
As I paint these last paintings, I want to thank everyone for watching - it has been a pleasure; all of the emails, the correspondence, the people wanting to buy the paintings as I paint them, just all of it. I gave up three shows to do the 150 Challenge, and I am so excited to see them all on the Weems walls - will they all fit on the walls? We are going to hang them with a number, so if you want a specific painting, look for that number. I would like for them to be hung in the order that they were painted but that might be impossible.
Also some exciting news: WE ARE OFFERING A LARGE PAINTING AT THE SHOW FOR $150! Each person that wants this painting for $150 will put their name in a jar and I will pull out the winner. This painting will be over $1000, so someone is going home with a fantastic deal!
Here are the show details as I know them so far:
WHAT: Dee Sanchez 150 Challenge Show
WHERE: Weems Gallery Old Town 303 Romero ST NW (across from San Felipe Church)
WHEN: All 150 paintings will be available for viewing at Weems Old Town
Thursday, June 4, 10am - 8pm
and Friday June 5, until 6:30pm.
ARTIST'S RECEPTION - Friday, June 5. 5pm - 6pm refreshments, goodies, music,and fun!
Please come and see the painitngs and say hi!
Paintings not purched at opening will be available for sale by phone starting Saturday, June 6 at 10am. You must have the painting # at the time of purchase.
Weems Old Town number is 505-764-0302.
I'll have more details and paintings later! Have a wonderful weekend....
Oh, and view new paintings #39 and #38 at:

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