Monday, May 11, 2009


My friend Cherita and Sherman Hemsley, actor from the tv show "The Jeffersons."
Gosh, it's Monday already. Again.
I had a nice weekend - an artist's party, an art event, and a nice relaxing Mother's Day.
And I got an ipod!
Lots of work for me this week. I'm reallizing that I only have about 23 days left until my "150 CHALLENGE" show at Weems Old Town on June 5th. I am getting SO excited. I had to go stock up on canvas, I got about half of what I need to finish and will get the other half next week. I still have some more supplies to get, my postcard will be on its way to me the end of this week, I have to send out some press releases, I have to hook and wire ALL of the paintings I've done so far (108), etc. I will mail out about 500 postcards, so if you're not on the list and want to be, email me! I also have two commissions to finish, plus a few for one of my very good collector friends. And I want to take the time to try and bike and swim a little at the gym every day. Whew! Than as soon as my Weems show is over, I have to paint a bunch of small works for the upcoming LAVENDER IN THE VILLAGE event. Life is good!

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