Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two new 150 CHALLENGE paintings

Only a few more to go and I have my last 16 canvases all set out with little notes about what they're going to be. I'm feeling really excited about the upcoming show - I will deliver all of the paintings to Weems Old Town on either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and then probably go home and cry a little. Just kidding! It is kind of sad to be almost done - I've never been more proud of any work I've done since I started painting, I included amost everything I've always wanted to paint, and tried several new subjects, unsure about my ability to interpret them up to my standards. I think I succeeded pretty well. I am just so excited about seeing them all on the Weems wall that I can't hardly wait. At times during the last six months, I have felt like life was passing me by in many ways; I don't cook very much any more, my house is not spotless, my poor husband doesn't get much attention, I've done no yardwork, and I am barely making it to the gym. But then I realized - THIS IS MY LIFE AND I LOVE IT. I do have to pay more attention to my husband tho, he is great for putting up with me.
So what's next after this: The LAVENDER IN THE VILLAGE festival in the middle of July, a 5 day paint-out in beautiful Taos, New Mexico, and a trip to San Francisco with the family. Then it's straight back to painting for Weems Artfest, my most favorite art show. Wish me luck on the last 16....

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  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    This is on my top 5 favorites! i love how lines in the field and on the rooster mix yet the colors from them keep them separated. it's a really awesome piece!
    ♥ Pedro