Saturday, October 10, 2009

Only one more day of balloons!

This balloon landed right next door. Those coyote fence posts are the boundary of my back yard. I thought it looked cool through the trees.
Oh, and scroll down to my newest dancer painting for Artfest!

These flew over the house next door and I am taking the photo from my driveway. We are in the path of what is known as "the box" which to me, means that if the wind is just right, they fly right over my house!

This shot I think is beautiful. There is a watercolor wash sky and this balloon is just floating. I am standing on my front porch and the sunlight was just perfect.

A balloon landed on my street and they are getting ready to load it up and go have breakfast! Only one more day of Balloon Fiesta. Then Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Man, I absolutely love fall......

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