Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Saturday! This painting is #56 on my Artfest 101 countdown. I have just started painting dancers for the show and hope to do several more. I have some new photos that I haven't painted yet and I am definitely getting excited about those. I finished three other paintings last night and they are drying. One is El Salto peak in Taos - a nice fall landscape, one is a field of poppies and one is a bed of iris. They are all probably around 14x18 in size. I am working on a trio of dancers which should be finished today and then I will post all of those. THEN, I am starting on a still life, a 24x30 blue vase with orange poppies and a black and yellow background.
I went out and shot a few photos of balloons this morning. There were quite a few coming over the house. Now I am off to run boring errands, pick up dogs food, etc. I will post the new paintings tonight so stay tuned! Oh, and check out this new dancer painting on my Artfest blog:

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