Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am finally back in the studio.
Christmas is over and it was hectic but great. My youngest daughter is officially engaged, one of my friends from San Francisco came in for the holidays, we put out about 200 luminarias on Christmas Eve, had great food, great fun, I got a new camcorder, and now, it's almost New Year's Eve.
This painting is a larger version of the painting "New Mexico Sky" - I think New Mexico has some of the greatest sunsets in the world and I will forever be trying to capture them on canvas!
Tomorrow I will be back to my daily paintings. I'm going to try for 4-5 per week and I also have some 6"x6" canvases that I want to experiment with.
I look forward to a wonderful year of change - check out my 100 pound challenge blog at: www.dees100pound.blogspot.com. I will be the print/poster artist for Weems Artfest 2010, so I am also pumped for that. I will also be doing another 150 Challenge in summer of 2011. I wish everyone the best New Year ever and I am writing down goals (not resolutions) that I know will happen in 2010.

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