Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today, I emptied all of my paperwork and reference photos into one huge bag in an effort to begin organizing my studio. I found a photo that spoke to me and I wanted to stop what I was doing and paint it immediately. This is the resulting painting and I love it. The orange/pink in the clouds drifting down and the light in the top of the clouds is what I strive for and don't always reach. The glow in the mountains is also very cool. This painting will be available for purchase on my blog for approximately 7-10 days and then sent to the gallery. Purchase information is below:
Buy this painting on PayPal
Price: $99.00 plus $10.00 s/h
Or, send me an email


  1. I love those clouds.

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  3. Sandra,
    Thanks! I still remember the Lobo painting!