Friday, December 11, 2009


I was born on this day 55 years ago. I love my birthday - it is exactly two weeks before Christmas. I also love being a Sagittarius, the coolest of birth signs (I think!).
This photo is of a Dahlia; my mother-in-law's beautiful first name. My daughter wants me to paint this photo for her, no lines. We're putting it on a 24x24 canvas, very zen. She's been bugging me for months but it will probably not even get started until after the holidays. Sshhhh...
Life is good right now. I am still finishing up commissions and have a couple of Christmas projects in the works. I am getting my Christmas tree today (last year's had a little bird's nest in it!), going to the movies, maybe getting a massage, and just enjoying life. I am starting to exercise again and am working on my meditation practice. I have a party to attend this weekend, I am hosting a gathering next weekend, and am invited to another gathering on the 20th. My family is healthy, and I am happy. Thanks to all for supporting me, my art, following my blog, and I hope you have the most joyous of holidays.


Sandra Dodd said...

Happy birthday, Dee, and thanks for sharing your art and thoughts with us.

kdd1d said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!


Delilah said...

Happy Birthday Dee,

I also have a birthday this month and being a Sagitaris is the best. For those who are not then knowing one or two will keep you hopping.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday fellow Saggitarian! Mine is on Sunday

...12 days before Christmas my true love gave to darling daughter!

I hope your day was perfect. The flower your daughter wants painted is beautiful.

Shawna from northern canada

Dee Sanchez said...

Thanks guys!
For some reason my comments are not getting delievered to me so I am goingto have to start watching daily.

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