Monday, June 28, 2010


My newfound friend and fellow artist Michelle Chrisman painting a 20 minute portrait.

Two lovely ladies enjoying the lavender. It cost $8 to pick a bunch and it smelled heavenly.

Some of my new paintings on display.

The fields across Rio Grande Rd. Isn't that a beautiful scene? This may become a painting.

I took this first thing in the morning when I arrived at Los Poblanos. You can see the beautiful sunrise - I think it was about 7am. The fields are lavender and sunflowers, I think. I love this photo!
OKAY - now, I have to tell you what we heard from attendees and vendors about the festival this year. I am not a complainer and I was so happy to be invited. I met Michelle Chrisman, who I feel is going to become a fantastic friend and a plein air painting buddy.
Construction is going on at Los Poblanos and many attendees told us that they were upset and angry that they weren't allowed (they had security!) to go and even see the lotus pond, which is always the largest draw of the festival. They also couldn't see any of the beautiful gardens and architecture that Los Poblanos is so well known for. The festival was way on the other side of the road, away from the farm and inn and set up on very lumpy ground, which made it hard for vendors and attendees to walk around. The booths were also set up rather randomly and in no straight pattern so people were very confused about where to go, how to find food, etc. The music was great. The food was okay but expensive ($8 for a salad) and not much selection. The first day they made us clear out half an hour early because they were having a wedding at the inn. Everyone thought that was odd because they plan the festival a year in advance. People wondered why they didn't leave this weekend open.
Michelle and I didn't have many sales at all but we did meet a lot of new nice people and saw some old friends too. And we were next to the lavender fields, which smelled heavenly.
Several people told us that maybe Los Poblanos should've cancelled the festival this year until construction was complete.
And I am tired!


  1. So sorry you didn't sell more paintings, Dee! Interesting to read how many things were badly organized at the festival - I know that made a difference with sales. I may follow up with you later about some of the paintings you have online...

  2. Sarah,
    Thanks, things like this don't always go as planned. When I have time, I definitely want to look at all of your photo albums of your trip!Let me know if there are paintings you like. I have already sold several after the fact.