Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Abiquiu

This is the opening for the acequia that runs around the perimeter of Georgia O'Keefe's house. It flows out of this opening and into a little open pathway that waters all of her flowers and gardens. The little acequia inside the walls are made with a flagstone border that has little openings every so often for the water to flow out.

These are the beautiful colors of Ghost Ranch. I can't wait to start painting them. I took 381 photos. Of course, I deleted a lot and some are blurry but that doesn't matter to me because what I look for most is the composition in the photo. If it looks like a painting in the photo, I know I have a good composition to work with.

Albuquerque didn't have a cloud in the sky but Ghost Ranch had beautiful big puffy clouds. What a way to set off that mountain scene. And the light hitting the hills in just the right way.

This was taken on the road somewhere out of the car window. It wasn't part of Abiquiu or Ghost Ranch - maybe around Santa Fe. I just love the colors. The blue sky backdrop for the orange/pink hills and some sage and yellow/olive in the foreground. I can see a really large painting here. Love the shadows on the mountains from the clouds too!


  1. Love the pictures. They remind me of the pictures I took when I was in Abiquiu. In fact, before I took a tour of GOK's house, I took a lot of pictures of the wall surrouding her house. I hope to get back there in October. Hope you are feeling well.

  2. Another quick comment: when I was touring her house one of my favorite parts was her pantry. I loved the jar with the tea where she had written on the label: "good tea." Did you see that?

  3. I didn't but I wish I had!
    I may have to see Abiquiu in October too, I bet it's beautiful - also the Chama River.