Sunday, July 18, 2010

lucky customers waiting in line for Weems Gallery to open. Some have been there for HOURS! You can see the chairs for comfort! For the first 30 minutes, people can only choose two paintings on the wall in order to keep the playing field level so everyone has a chance to get a painting.

I just really liked the light in this one. Two customers deciding on a piece. This may become a painting one day!

We went back to Elena Gallegos recreation area last night. This is a photo of the sunset - isn't that gorgeous?? I want to paint some large pieces like this!

This is the Sandia (spanish for watermelon) Mountains. They are just getting their "watermelon" color from the last sunlight of the day. When we first got there, the thunderhead-looking clouds were right over the mountain but they veered off to the north. You can just barely see them at the edge of the photo. I am brainstorming - I want to paint very LARGE plein air paintings, like 30x40 and 50x50. From the back of my SUV! I have to try to figure out a way to do that. There is just nothing more fulfilling to me as an artist to stand out in nature and paint the first impression of what you see. They would be oils and I might have to use big putty knoves and they wouldn't have linework, so I don't know how popular they would be, but they would include framing, which would make them look AWESOME! I need some feedback....should I prepare and go for it????
Oh, and look below to see my latest daily painting in progress......

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