Sunday, July 18, 2010

work in progress...
This is my idea of a New Mexico cutting garden. Of course, it HAS to be in a little hidden canyon in the mountains somewhere! If you look closely, you van see that I've just begun the line work. I will finish it up and post tomorrow.
I went back up to the Elana Gallegos recreation area tonight. I wanted to show it to my husband (who hadn't seen it since he was a boy scout over 30 years ago) and see the beautiful sunset.
We didn't know it but they were having a miramba band concert up there too. We walked the trails, saw a hidden pond, dragongly, lizard, butterflies. And little gnats. LOTS of little gnats. I will post photos of the sunet tomorrow and some of them will surely end up as paintings for Artfest.

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  1. Thank you for posting this WIP. Your strong, confident strokes that form the basis of your paintings are exciting to see.