Friday, July 02, 2010


For clients living in New Mexico:
on Montgomery in having their annual
on Saturday, July 17, 2010.
This show starts at 10am and is a sell-out by 12pm. There are many artists participating this year and EVERY PAINTING or piece of art in the big room is $285 OR LESS. It is so fun - people line up early in the morning and everything is gone in a few hours. If you have any questions, please call the gallery at 293-6133,
My big poppy piece, 'TWO REDS", which retails for over $1000 will be $285. I saw it at the gallery yesterday and it actually has more blue than green in the foreground.
I have about 27 other small pieces in the show, ranging from $45 to $125. I will be there right before 10am if you'd like to come visit!


Bradshaw said...

I can't believe that your "Two Reds" will be $285!! I love it so. It looks like you are channeling your inner Georgia O'Keefe. If ever I wished I lived in NM, July 17th would be the day. Good luck. Karen

Westelle said...

I love it also!!! How big is it? LOL

Westelle said...
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Dee Sanchez said...

It's kind of crazy the way they do it, it's this mad rush and you're likely to get trampled! It's like a big art Rummage sale!
It's 24"x30" and I'm going to paint more for Artfest so keep watching.