Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Figurative Paintings

No, this is NOT a painting - yet. This is one of the wonderful vendors at the Los Ranchos Grower's Market. It has felt a little like spring this week and I'm still organizing my studio. I have gathered all of my figurative subjects together; the grower's market, the state fair, the lavender festival, etc. and I hope to begin painting them next week. I am excited and a little scared too.
I emptied another trash can full of things in the studio I've been saving for some time that I really don't need. I organized all of my subjects by category and put them all in pretty black photo boxes on a roll-around cart that I can move around at will.
My main project this week has been organizing paperwork for the 2010 tax season. I would almost rather have my teeth pulled out one by one...hopefully you will see a 150 painting tonight and also a smaller one up for auction. Have a wonderful day!

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