Wednesday, February 02, 2011


after Van Gogh
- Hello - I wanted to let you know that I finished two 150 Challenge paintings today and also that I am putting some small oil paintings up for auction as soon as they are completed. This is the first, "STARRY NIGHT", after Vincent Van Gogh. I have been going through art books and keep coming across this painting again and again. I painted a bookshelf like this for Casa Esperanza last year and ever since, I have wanted to paint a smaller version. I like these little works because I am painting on my new easel and it is far enough away from me that I can't add too much detail. I am also using the biggest, longest brush that I can use, which makes me squint and just get the basics down. Great practice and out of my comfort zone at this point. Maybe by the time the 150 Challenge is done, I will be an old pro. We'll see! I hope you'll go to the auction page and check out the painting. The bidding begins at $50 for each painting and each auction will run 7 days. The painting will ship as soon as it is dry to the touch.


  1. It turned out fabulous!

  2. Sarah,
    Thanks, I am finding that oils are harder in that I'm trying to put down my absolute first impressions without retouching anything or glazing,e tc. it's hard!