Tuesday, May 08, 2012

new 150 Challenge paintings!


Good morning all,
I have posted three new paintings on my 150 blog.

This morning I have to go and pick up the 600 brackets that we'll be using to frame all of the paintings for the show. Then I will be back in the studio for the rest of the day. 

I am trying to set a timer so that every hour, I do a few rotations on the bike.
Keeps the stiffness at bay and makes me get up and move around. 

I'm so excited - I have photos coming this week of the day trip to the Puye Cliff and Black Mesa. I can't wait to paint that little church and those subtle mountain layers in the background.

I just got notification that my 150 Challenge postcard has been shipped and will be arriving soon.
I'm also creating a flyer to be distributed, and the press releases will be going out on this weekend.

Lots of stuff to do, besides creating the paintings! .

To view the new 150 paintings, click HERE.

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