Tuesday, May 15, 2012

new 150 Challenge paintings

Good morning - 

I have five new 150 Challenge paintings for you to see!
I'm starting to get excited about the show.
It is always so fulfilling to see all 150 paintings framed and 
hanging on the beautiful wall down at Weems Old Town.

I haven't run out of subjects yet - in fact, I hate having to narrow it down to those last few.
Trying to pick and choose the last few things to paint is so hard.
I want to paint a dancer painting, a buffalo, sheep, some birds, a few florals I haven't gotten to yet.
Some figures, another Black Mesa, a few landscapes, maybe a surprise thrown in.
Maybe an abstract.

And I have to decide which two larger pieces to auction off at the show.

Today is a work day but also an "addressing and mailing postcards" day too.

I want to be totally finished with all of my paintings by the 23rd of May, so I better 
stop talking and start working.

Have a fantastic day, and to see all of the 150 Challenge paintings so far, click HERE.

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