Saturday, January 05, 2013

313 orange roof

oil on canvas 
$99 plus $10 shipping

This is a quaint little adobe up in northern New Mexico.
It wasn't a church, but it just seemed to be missing something
and I think it was a cross. 
So I gave it one and I like how it turned out.
On another note, I am participating in a "30 paintings in 30 days" 
challenge on facebook and I must admit, 
it's helping me stay on track with my work.
I have two commissions left to finish up and then I hope to begin a large commission
for a local restaurant. More about that later...
My kitchen is empty, so my life feels really weird right now.
I never realized how much I would miss my kitchen!
But everyone says the wait will be worth it.
My weight loss blog is kind of a hiatus right now.
I will work on updating it next week and getting back on track.

If you love this painting and would like to purchase this painting,  please click HERE.

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