Tuesday, January 15, 2013

last free giveaway

oil on panel


This is the last painting in my three painting giveaway - 
I will announce the winners next Monday.
This painting is of the old church at Golden, New Mexico.
It used to be this color, now they have it two-toned with white and adobe brown.
To win this painting, either create any kind of Top Ten List for me 
(not from David Letterman, please), 
or give me a "Dee Sanchez" testimonial about why your like this painting,
or any of my paintings, for that matter.
Good Luck!

How I Paint a Ballet Shoe

 1. Lightly sand the satin shoe with a fine grade sandpaper

 2. Sketch a few flowers in loose acrylic paint

3. Just a few for spacing 

4. Cut off ribbons to be re-attached later 

5. Start filling in color 

 6. Adding and filling in 

 7. Color filled in

 8. Adding the linework 

 9. Gotta add my stamp!

 10. Finished toe shoes with ribbons attached.
Shoes have been sealed with a satin acrylic sealer.

On another note....

 I went out yesterday and shot a few pictures of the landscape right by my house.
The mountains were covered with a thin layer of clouds 
and everything seemed very serene.

 The irrigation ditch neat my house. 
There are really cool trails heading up to a waterway that overfills with runoff from the river when it rains. 
No ducks today.

 This is about three streets over from me.
I think these are apple trees. 
Not sure what  the grass is, I know there are some spent sunflower plants in here.
There is beauty, even in the winter.

Even though this looks dreary, I think it would make a nice painting!


  1. I wish you'd explain how you do the line work. How you decide what to outline etc. I know most of it is just freehand and imagination so probably can't really be explained but I always wonder now did she plan for that to be a flower or did the flower just emerge once she started doing the outlining? I see the flowers the initially but then it's filled in with just dabs of color but then the line work brings out all these flowers and leaves just like magic. Frustrating for me as I always try to figure things out logically.

    The shoes turned out just adorable.

  2. wonderful! thanks for sharing your slippers. adorable! love the pics, too.

    i will send you a top ten list..

  3. Your colors are so vibrant. It is very evident that you take great pride and time in selecting the perfect hues. My top ten choices are 10) Ponderosa 9) Sunset 8) The Landmark 7) The Dancer 6) Two Dancers 5) Three Dancers - you get the message I like the dancers 4) Rose 3) A Little Vino 2) Two Reds and drumroll please - 1) It' My Birthday!