Sunday, February 10, 2013

Church Show at Weems

Here are a few of my church paintings for the group exhibition
opening next weekend titled, you guessed it, "CHURCHES!"
I am working on three more - Taos, Macho, and Black Mesa, and hope to have them completed in time.
There's also a lovely little hidden chapel painting at Weems Old Town that
I want to include, so I will pick that one up tomorrow.
The show opens on Saturday, February 16, and I invite
you all to come down and take a look at all of the beautiful artwork!

In other news, my kitchen is done except
for the backsplash, which will go in this week.
I made my first meal last night - chicken quesadillas.
It wasn't the easiest, because all of my kitchen stuff is still packed up,
but we made do.
More pics of the kitchen tomorrow....


  1. Hi Dee:

    What a great collection of churches. You style is really memorable. I can't wait for you to send me the painting you spoke about when I entered your contest. I follow you on Daily Painters and Daily Paintworks.
    So glad your kitchen is done and you can get back to your painting. I bet you are a good cook. Pat Voelz

  2. These are ALL wonderful. Full of life, color and movement. Love what you do just keep bringing me pleasure.

  3. Julie, thank you! I am busy filling kitchen cabinets today but when I take a long break, I am going to sit down and savor your art byte tutorial...can't ! I wanted to yesterday but not enough time.

  4. Pat, thank you, the churches are really fun to paint. I think it's going to be a good show. Expect your painting sometime between now and Christmas!!