Tuesday, February 19, 2013

newest commission - Canyon Women in harmony with the moon

Whew, the kitchen is done and I can breathe again.
There is one lazy susan cabinet that broke off of the hinges when someone just barely touched it. 
It wasn't glued well at the factory I guess, so they're sending another one.
I made enchiladas for the family on Sunday and everyone loved the kitchen.
It's so nice, I am definitely not used to it yet.

I have three commissions I'm working on now - 
the one above, a 12x16" Sandia mountains,
and an 8x10" poppies in a blue vase.
I also owe a friend a painting of Canyon Women gathered around a pinon Christmas tree.
She sent me two paintings of hers that I loved, one of figs and one of a cup with a flower beside it.
It's so fun being an artist and being able to trade artwork with other artists!

I have about 14 church paintings at Weems Gallery Uptown until the end of March.
In April, I have a painting for an exhibition called SEEDS, more about that later.
I will also be participating in Weems April group exhibition FLOWERS.

I canceled my membership at Curves and am going to be working with the trainers
 at Planet Fitness near my house. It's really cool because they also have a 30 minutes circuit just like Curves.
I love my Curves and especially the friends I've made there, 
but I needed to shake things up a bit in order to get this weight off of me.

That's all I've got for now.
I will post the finished balloon painting tomorrow and the sketch of the Sandia mountains.


  1. I love your work. If I ever get to NM, which I will, because some of my roots are there, and because I love it so, I'm going to have to remember to ask where your work is showing then. Thank you for adding so much creative soulfulness to our visual fields.


  2. Come on down! Where do you live?

  3. Come on down! Where do you live?