Monday, February 04, 2013

I am working on a series of small church paintings for a Weems Uptown Gallery show that opens this month.
The photo above is going to be a painting of Chimayo with a cross and roses.
I have been procrastinating (major), waiting for the kitchen to be done so I can feel like I'm not a stranger in my own house, but I finally decided to start working.
So....I start painting today and right when I'm really getting into it (let's really get that cerulean going on the sky), my husband comes home and wants me to go with him to drop off the sink at the fabricators. They need to make a template. So I put my brushes in the spirits (a no-no), and took off to run errands.
We did that, then we went to look at portable buildings, then grabbed something to eat at Long John Silvers.
They are in with an A&W, so we shared an old time frosty mug of root beer..
When we got home, I ran (well, not literally) to Curves to do a workout before they closed. 
I came back home and glory be - Southwest Art magazine and Art News had come in the mail today, 
so I sat down for a few to flip through them.
Then...I must have dozed off for a few because when I woke up, it was dark outside. Darn!
So here I am in the studio again.At 7:34pm. And the Bachelor comes on at 8pm.
I just sighed, cleaned off my brushes and put everything away until tomorrow.
I do like the way this one is going though..... 

Now this one....our group of artists, "LET'S PAINT NEW MEXICO", is working on Challenge 10 - creating a painting of an old cruiser rumbling down the Rim Road near Valdez, NM, which you can reach on your way to Taos Ski Valley.
The photo is courtesy of a friend and fabulous photographer, Steve Bundy.
Okay, this painting is going to be hard, I already know. I'll tell you how I know...
We usually have about 10-12 artists complete each painting, even though we have over 30 artists on our roster.
I have received about 6 images so far. And I usually do mine right away. but I know it's not going to be easy, so I am waiting til the last minute. I sketched it yesterday and the car looks really boxy. In the photo is it wider, a little more whimsical. I shall adjust while painting. So, wish me luck on this one!
The countertop/backsplash guys are supposed to be here tomorrow. If all goes well, they will complete their work and it will be gorgeous. Then Wednesday, our friend Greg will come and install the sink, faucet, garbage disposal, overhead light, and ceiling fan. 
I am so tired of eating out, I can't even tell you. I yearn to make my own salad.....

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