Friday, October 04, 2013

A Look Back - Commissions

Since I am working on commissions for the next couple of weeks,
I wanted to show you a few I have painted in the past.

Commissions are a great source of pleasure. And also anxiety.

I usually know exactly what the client wants, but always wonder
if I can pull it off - some paintings just have that "spark" 
that was created when I'm in the zone, and it's often hard to duplicate.

I've never a painting returned, so I guess I'm doing okay.
I know that looking at old work is inspiring....

 Sunflowers in progress....

 For the Luna Mansion

 This is old school - the lady I sold it to emailed me and accused me 
of creating on the computer - she said it didn't look like a real painting. But she kept it!

a large floral from several years ago

 Tryptich from Ohio - you know who you are...

old school -  the local Frontier restaurant

 a large painting for my best friend's daughter's Christmas present
from her husband - her wedding bouquet

 an old school work in progress -part of a tryptich for a medical center

 a vase of sunflowers drying...

 working on a painting of the Sandia mountains

 sunflower bouquet with a cross

 typical New Mexico sunset

 old school blanket flowers

 working on a large poppy painting

 I love this one - stream in the canyon

 large floral

 sepia toned dahlia

 El Salto peak in Taos

 Santuario de Chimayo with a moon - in progress

beautiful gathering of sunflowers

Any other artists have thoughts about doing commission work?


  1. hi Dee - i was thinking this time last year you were working yourself to death for the Balloon festival.
    loved all the pics of the fall colors in the previous post and love seeing your different paintings in this one... really neat!
    my thought on commissions...
    I do not do them.
    When I was an illustrator I was always having to please the client. When i went into fine art i could be talked into doing a commission but always stressed over it and one day I realized i could always say NO. And that is the way it has been every since.
    i do admire those you can do them and enjoy it.

    1. I should say no, but it always becomes a challenge for me. Maybe some day...

    2. I should say no, but it always becomes a challenge for me. Maybe some day...