Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Is Here

 My painting Challenge is over and I am feeling fine.
Rested up and ready for another adventure.

In the meantime, autumn has arrived here in the Land of Enchantment.

 This tree was bright green only a few days ago.

 I love this photo. It's a little branch off of the cottonwood tree, 
a dried bean off of the locust tree,
river rock and gravel, and a few tiny leaves sprinkled throughout.
It looks like a puzzle, it looks like a painting, and
Mother Nature just does it so well.

 I don't know what this tree is, but it has major thorns and 
all of these berries will be eaten by birds and the residue thrown to the ground.

 The "thorny-berry" tree against my other autumn trees.

 This is my swan.
He's made of wood and was found in the mountains years ago.
I painted him brown but all the color came off with the weather.
He likes it better natural anyway.

 The mint is still going strong.

 I love this plant.
I think it's called plumbago, but not 100% sure.
It blooms purple thoroughout the summer, then turns a pinkish red in the fall.
I love flowers that look pretty all season.

 This is Virginia Creeper that has creeped where it's not supposed to!
It's supposed to be creeping on fences and looking beautiful and has sneaked into
the flower bed, along with wild grass and little elms that need to be removed.
Go away, creeper!

 Crysanthemums - I hope that's how it's spelled.
Love these colors.

And now...on to art

 The chair I'm painting for the Presbyterian Ear Institute.
They are having a fundraiser in November at Los Poblanos and 
asked me to paint this lovely little chair, which will be auctioned off.

This is the chair with my standard toning color, red and burnt sienna.
The seat of the chair will look like a Taos Gorge painting.

 The sides will have pretty flowers.

 The back of the chair rungs will have three different birds.

 The front of the chair rungs will be a sunrise, sunset, and moonrise.

 Beginning stages....block in of major shapes.

 Starting to take on a colorful stance...or should I say sit?

 Another side view

 Detail of back chair rungs...

One last look at fall colors.
Man, I love this time of year.

Here's to a Happy Fall,
pumpkins, red chile, Halloween, aspen trees,
Thanksgiving, fudge, family, and love.


  1. Your work is so intriguing and now I see you paint chairs as well. I love the chair. I am busy painting Corrales this week, a foursome.

  2. Love this post. miss all those fall colors - not here yet.Your chairs are great. I did one for a charity auction once and remember it was a lot of fun to do. it was not as great as yours though.

  3. Carol, thanks, I hope you have a blast painting Corrales! I just got back from Taos yesterday - beautiful colors!
    Chair painting continues....

  4. I am jealous! I love all the pics but the one you took of the church is an awesome prospective! My son just spent the week last week in Taos and loved it...his first time. Maybe I can get there next year? Keep up all the great sharing of your art and your life! Blessings!