Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Taos Colors

The weather here in Albquerque is definitely cooler.
Which makes me think of Fall.
Which makes me automatically think of Taos.

I'm headed there soon and I wanted to show you how Taos 
looked when I went in the middle of October two years ago.
If these don't want to make you take a trip to Taos and Arroyo Seco,
then I don't know what will.
Enjoy.....and get ready to follow me on another Taos adventure in a few weeks.....

 Rio Grande gorge with chamisa

 drive on the way through Taos pass

 valley of Valdez, near Taos Ski Valley

 Arroyo Seco - a rainbow of fall colors!

 descanso with fall trees and Taos mountain with cloud cover

 red chile ristras and dahlias

 what a contrast of colors!

 road to an adobe that's over 100 years old

 famous Arroyo Seco truck with Virginia Creeper

 golden colors with adobe

 cloud cover

 pretty horses

village of Valdez - look at that gold!


  1. These beautiful photos make me want to go back again soon to Taos. I have never been there in the peak of Fall foliage. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Carol, aren't they beautiful? When you see them in person, they really don't look real. I'm taking some new ones in a few weeks, so stay tuned...
    when did you go to Taos?

  3. Been there a few times, last time around 2001. Taos and Sedona, AZ are my top favorite spots to visit and it would be heaven to live there. Your Albuquerque area is nice also. I will stay tuned for your new photos.

  4. Great to see that truck in a about it?

  5. I had forgotten about some of these beautiful colors, yes, I will work on it!