Sunday, January 26, 2014


oil on hardboard

My first painting in quite a while since one of my best friends passed away,

I really have not felt like painting.
He had such a beautiful soul and I haven't met anyone who loves my artwork as much as he did - 
including my family and friends.

It has been cold here but no snow or really bad weather
and I am sure spring is just right around the corner.

Spring brings daffodils and crocus and once you see them,
you know that lilacs and roses are not far behind.

I always think to myself -
the reason we have winter is to make us appreciate spring and beautiful weather.
So come on spring!

Thanks to all of my readers who sent me nice messages about Tom.
I really appreciate them all.


  1. Dee, this is such a wonderful warm and bright painting. I loved opening your blog to this orgous painting this morning. I think you know Tom is seeing the same bright beautiful colors with a "wow". Thanks for sharing this gem.

  2. Thanks Carol, I saw your pretty pink doughnut and wanted a bite!