Monday, January 27, 2014

oil on hardboard
available at Farm and Table Restaurant

I am really in the mood to paint flowers.
I think it's because I want spring to be here NOW.
Then I think about the folks up north who are experiencing so much cold, snow, and ice
and I am happy that I live in New Mexico. I hope winter ends early for everyone....

This is a crazy still life - a pretty bunch of wildflowers in a blue vase.
I wanted to just let go and let the brush direct me.

Now, I think I'm ready for a landscape.

On another note, I am going to lunch with Tom's daughter today.
We haven't really had a chance to talk since her dad passed away and 
guess where we're going? One of Tom's favorite Mexican food restaurants.
They have the best cheese enchiladas, fried potatoes, and sopaipillas.

I will take pictures so you can drool from afar!

On another note, I am gearing up for the Retro Challenge:
organizing, ordering supplies, designing the postcard, setting up show details, etc.

More on that soon.

Have a great winter day!


  1. This is wonderful and I see you brightening up. What is the retro show?

  2. the retro show is a 7 month long challenge to paint 150 8x10 pieces in my old school acrylic/ink style and 25 larger works.
    It will start this month and open on September 26 at Weems.