Wednesday, February 19, 2014

getting ready for the Retro Challenge

 There has been much cleaning and unpacking going on!

I am finally getting motivated - mostly because I know I have a huge project
coming up and time is wasting away...

The Retro Challenge 2014 is coming!!

What you see above is the reorganization of my studio - 
the packing up of unused canvases and gessboards and the unpacking 
of 150 new gallery wrap 8x8s and 8x10s.

The moving around of oil paints and a new oil painting area.
The purchase of acrylics for painting
and acrylics for ornaments.
Lots of sealer and ink too.

 Isn't this beautiful? Just kidding.
This is my old rickety chair, a bunch of trash and the displacement of many things!

 Can you tell I have no idea what I'm doing yet?

 These are my ornaments-to-be.
They have been sanded and primed and are awaiting painting.
I plan on having at least 50 of these for my Weems show in September.

 These are the wooden chopsticks that I use for holding ornaments while
they are being painted. I slip them through the golden top
 and then I can twirl them any which way to paint.
I also use them for hanging ornaments to dry.

My nice clean canvases all stacked and ready to go.
And, oh so intimidating!

My postcard is being produced now and will be
ready for mailing in about a week.
The Retro Challenge begins on March 1, and you can follow along here.


  1. What I know for sure is you will do this in row mightiest of ways. I loved your retro look. Good luck with your gallery. They love you.

  2. Carol,
    Thanks, it's intimidating to think about but I am up for the challenge!