Friday, February 07, 2014

oil on hardboard

I'm getting ready to embark on a big seven month project called the Retro Challenge,
which starts March 1 and opens on September 26!

My studio is basically clean. As clean as can be for me, anyway.
My paints are organized into two areas - the acrylic area and the oil area.
I will post pictures of those new set-up later.

I also have a specific place at my table for working on ornaments.
Really, the only supplies I am waiting on right now are 150 gallery wrap canvases, 
which should be here any day.

Once the Retro Challenge starts, I will be working mostly in acrylic.
Since I'm painting 150 small paintings and 25 large paintings, most of my
time will be taken up with acrylic 
and I'm sure it is going to drive my absolutely crazy some days.
I still want to offer my juicy little oil paintings to my daily paint sites and to
my customers and clients who love them.

This particular painting is showcasing my HUGE desire for spring and summer to be here.
I find the older I get, the less I like cold, ice, and snow.
I would much rather be surrounded by warm days, beautiful flowers, and buzzing bees.

So, this paintings keeps me in mind of the beauty that is headed my way in a month or two.
It was so much fun to paint - lots of thick texture and bright colors,
Maybe my next challenge will be a  whole year of painting with a knife!


  1. Love those poppies.

    This winter has been much longer than usual for us here in southern Indiana. Lots of snow, ice and horribly cold temps. Will be extra glad to see the end of this one!

  2. Beautiful Painting and I love the new blog.

  3. Dee…what is the "retro" challenge. If I join, will I become younger?

    I love this bright cheerful painting and understand completely why it is sold!

  4. Love the Colour!! Makes me smile!

  5. Thanks guys for the nice comments.
    Vic, you must be back east in all of the crazy winter weather. Come on spring!
    Thanks Cara, are you back to painting yet?
    Carol, this challenge will definitely make you older, lol. Tedious and time consuming.
    Marcela, thank you so much!